Mid-Century Modern – A Suburban London Southgate Apartment

Mid-century modern meets soft, classy and warm in this chic two-bedroom Southgate apartment.

This two-bedroom apartment in a mid-century Southgate building seamlessly blends clean and bright design with homely, open and inviting spaces.

As soon as we set foot on the property, we could immediately see and feel the untapped potential of this wonderful space. As such, the project was driven by a desire to create a welcoming space suitable for rent, prioritising aesthetics, functionality and durability. A full gut renovation demanded an overhaul of all the property’s gas, electrical, water and lighting systems. Bearing in mind ever-increasing utility costs, new and energy-efficient boilers and appliances were installed – making for a far more sustainable option than their older counterparts. A portion of the existing furniture – including original mid-century and antique pieces – was also restored in the process.

A minimalist style – which continues to trend and hold the universal appeal befitting of a rental investment – underlies the entire aesthetic. This brings cohesion to the space in simple, practical designs that are suitable for day-to-day living.

Taking account of the apartment’s orientation to maximise natural lighting, the kitchen, living and dining areas are strategically placed to receive the morning sunlight, while the bedrooms face the setting sun. A series of lighting fixtures and flexible lighting levels – including ceiling and pendant lights, table and floor lamps, and wall-mounted sconces – are scattered throughout the apartment to provide a choice of lighting options. These not only suit any mood or ambience, but are also designed with the various uses of each space in mind to ensure multi-functionality, which remains an important feature in any apartment.

The laminate flooring that weaves through most of the floor plan was the perfect canvas for the apartment’s style and finish, and a durable, high-quality floor option. The terrazzo floor tile in the kitchen, on the other hand, is a low-maintenance way of adding some fun to the otherwise intentionally simple design.

In the kitchen, sleek white cabinetry and neatly concealed appliances within the cupboard frames work wonders to create the illusion of more space, making the best of the room’s limited footprint. The look is complemented by the off-white quartz countertop, and subtly contrasted with the black accents lining the smooth handleless cabinet doors and drawers to create visual interest. Although simple in its overall design, this fun kitchen will remain timeless.

Likewise, the bathrooms are fully tiled to ensure low maintenance, with two sets of very different tile used in the main bathroom for more dynamic appeal. This bathroom also enjoys a built-in bathtub, while the en-suite bathroom features a spacious walk-in shower with a rain showerhead – hung with foliage for a touch of spa-like luxury.

The light palette adopted throughout the property keeps the space open, airy and bright, as seen in the choice of pale oak floors, white-washed walls, ceilings and internal doors, and the neutral soft furnishings such as curtains, bedding and upholstery. While the shades are light, the textures of the fabrics are purposely thick and heavy to contribute a sense of lavish warmth and comfort – offsetting the cold weather and urban environment outside.

The moody blue sofa in the living room adds a lovely pop of colour, while the varying shades of wood in the restored mid-century wall unit and bureau, and the new coffee table give the room a graded level of detailing. These complement the newer pieces and contribute a more organic look that comes from having honest, natural materials in an overall modern space.

Then, the soft shades carry on into the guest bedroom – with its tawny rust accents, touches of brass and artfully curated timber pieces, which make it feel all at once warm and welcoming. In contrast, a distinctly elegant palette sets the master bedroom apart with its bold black furniture and dusky plum bedframe in plush – elements that seem to flirt with luxury but are brought back into harmonious balance against the calming white walls and pale oak floors.

Finally, the expertly hand-picked decorative items and artworks installed by our team at Rebirth Design Studio and Rebirth Design London Ltd give the property an enviable designer-finish, all in all adding further value to this wonderful rental investment.

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