A Hand-painted Garden Oasis

A foot in the past with an eye on the future at Palazzo Parisio

As a Schedule 2 property in Naxxar, overlooking the church piazza, the refurbishment of the Palazzo Parisio restaurant was a project straight out of Maltese heritage heaven. The project’s design was initiated and developed by Italian Architect Antonio Girardi, and the Rebirth team was commissioned by Baroness Pergola to be Girardi’s local counterpart on the project, while also managing the project. Together, we encapsulated the building’s palatial grace within an atmosphere that is both awe-inspiring and inviting.

The conceptual approach to the restaurant’s new design takes inspiration from the Palazzo’s exquisite – and renowned – grounds. In fact, the restaurant is an artistic extension of the garden itself. Using custom high-end finishings and luxury materials throughout, the venue has been transformed into an impressionist, botanical sanctuary, realised through the introduction of large indoor plants, a soothing and grounded colour palette of pale green tones, as well as the addition of hand-painted murals that give prominence to distinct feature walls.

The restaurant is formal yet comfortable, a style woven into the grandeur of the Palazzo itself. Lavish drapes offset a soft sensibility against exclusively designed furniture and a striking terrazzo floor. To retain the building’s classic appeal and architectural integrity, the original marble flooring was uncovered and restored to its former glory while the walls were adorned with the same geometric treatment found across the Palazzo.

Contemporary touches were introduced by means of updates made to the venue’s facilities. The restaurant now features new, optimised lighting designs that use a system of illumination, which changes intensity according to the time of day. The light fittings themselves were designed by Architect Girardi and manufactured in Italy.

Visitors to the restaurant experience uninterrupted ease across the space as the botanical theme leads the eye beyond the restaurant itself. The bathrooms, too, draw inspiration from the Palazzo’s green, elegant appeal using refined, garden-themed wallpaper. Featuring master craftsmanship throughout, Italian joiners were tasked with manufacturing wainscoting in the bathrooms and their cubicles, on which hand-picked sanitary fittings and items were installed.

The conference room, previously a boutique clothes shop, now speaks the same design language as the restaurant – a smooth transition once again. A custom TV unit, complete with an electric pocket TV system, sits at the end of the room adorned by handmade lamps. Three large marble tables form the room’s centrepiece and give it the flexibility to be used as an exclusive spot for private dining.

The restaurant’s transformation has enabled the Palazzo’s rich past to live on within its walls, all while enabling it to progress seamlessly into the next phase of its prestigious legacy.

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