Art, design, and interiors – strike the right balance and life rises anew: a home is reborn.

The Dawn of Rebirth

Rebirth was founded in June 2019 as the brainchild of Paul Cuschieri and Malcolm Abela Sciberras.

Paul is a designer-architect with an eye for spatial proportions and detail. He takes a multi-layered approach to interiors and architecture to bring each interior’s unique experience to life. Paul zones in on how buildings function to identify potential layout permutations. And, by blending the edifice’s original fabric into the new design, the property’s authenticity and value are elevated.

For Paul, Rebirth interiors are made to stand the test of time, so every choice is approached through the lens of sustainability. Nothing is an afterthought; everything is planned for and integrated by design.

Malcolm is a born creative with a photographic memory, an instinct for colours and materials, and an exceptional ability to visualise how a space can be designed for today while also meeting a person’s lifestyle requirements of tomorrow. For Malcolm, imagination has no limits, and he draws inspiration from across the artistic spectrum, including fashion and photography.

Together, the dynamic duo pushes each other’s creative boundaries.
They are the foundation of Rebirth’s young and innovative team. From concept to completion – with an array of materials, virtual renders, and guided implementation in between – Rebirth brings you a hands-on approach to design unmatched by conventional practices.

Rebirth is an innovative interior design studio distinguished by our belief that your home’s interiors can transform into art when placed in the right hands.
For us, it is all about the experience.

Engaging in multiple mediums and scales of craft, we integrate interior design and architecture at each stage of the creative process to generate a holistic experience.

Every project is an evolving investigation into the functional and the comfortable, the practical and the efficient, the artistic and the sustainable. We also take pride in the design of bespoke furniture to fit your space.

And together, every element intertwines with the next to tell your story: a physical space designed to evoke your character and facilitate your lifestyle as you step ahead into your next chapter.